TFBA Award Winners

The 2013 TFBA Award Winners were announced on December 16, 2012. Each of the winning eateries in the 35 categories were given a snazzy certificate that is suitable for framing along with priceless recognition that can only be obtained by winning a TFBA Award.  The winners were selected based upon the votes of local food bloggers who pen the following sites: CitronZestCook the Blog; Ermahgerd, Mershed Perderders!; gingermantra; Kristoph’s K-Time; Sweet Tea & Bourbon; Two in Tally and What’s Cooking Tallahassee.  Without further adieu, below is a complete list of the 2013 TFBA Award winners (* denotes repeat winner):

Best Appetizer:  Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza – Wings

Best Asian Restaurant: China Delight

Best Bakery: Au Peche Mignon

Best Bar: Fermentation Lounge

Best BBQ: Mo-Betta’s BBQ

Best Breakfast: Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen*

Best Brunch: Sage*

Best Cajun Restaurant: Angelette’s Cajun Restaurant*

Best Casual Dining: Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

Best Cocktail/Martini: Alchemy

Best Coffee Shop: Atomic Coffee

Best Cuban Restaurant: Gordo’s

Best Deli: Bagelhead’s*

Best Dessert: Food Glorious Food*

Best Fine Dining: Liam’s of Thomasville

Best Food Truck: Taqueria La Moreliana

Best Greek/Mediterranean: Captain Pete’s House of Gyros

Best Hamburger: Woodchuck’s Cafe

Best Hotdog:Voodoo Dog*

Best Indian: Mayuri

Best Italian: Bella Bella*

Best Locally Owned: Miccosukee Root Cellar

Best Lunch: Soup Swift

Best Mexican: La Tiendita

Best Outdoor Dining: Food Glorious Food*

Best Pizza: Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

Best Seafood Market: Mike’s Seafood & Oriental Market*

Best Seafood Restaurant: Shell Oyster Bar*

Best Southern/Soul Food/Fried Chicken: Henry’s Meats & Earley’s Kitchen

Best Special Occasion Restaurant: Liam’s of Thomasville

Best Sports Bar: Madison Social

Best Steakhouse: Shula’s 347*

Best Thai: Thai Place

Best Wine List: Clusters & Hops*

Best Wings: Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

2012 TFBA Winners

Best Bar: 5th Avenue Taproom
Best Appetizer: Cluster & Hops – Panini
Best Asian Restaurant: Sakura
Best Bakery: The Cake Shop
Best BBQ: Piggy’s BBQ
Best Breakfast: Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen
Best Brunch: Sage
Best Cajun Restaurant: Angelette’s Cajun Restaurant
Best Casual Dining: Kool Beanz
Best Catering Company: Klassic Katering
Best Cocktail/Martini: Avenue Eat & Drink
Best Coffee Shop: Redeye
Best Cuban Restaurant: Black Bean Cafe
Best Deli: Bagelhead’s
Best Dessert: Food Glorious Food
Best Fine Dining: Sage
Best Food Truck: Sir Cheezy
Best French Fries: Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Best Greek/Mediterranean: Sahara Greek & Lebanese Cafe
Best Hamburger: Ted’s Montana Grill
Best Happy Hour: 101 Restaurant
Best Hibachi: Japanica
Best Hotdog: Voodoo Dog
Best Indian: Samrat
Best Italian: Bella Bella
Best Locally Owned: Kool Beanz
Best Lunch: Tomato Land
Best Mexican: Taqueria La Moreliana
Best Outdoor Dining: Food Glorious Food
Best Pizza: Momo’s
Best Seafood Market: Mike’s Seafood & Oriental Market
Best Seafood Restaurant: Shell Oyster Bar
Best Southern/Soul Food/Fried Chicken: Cravings Truck
Best Special Occasion Restaurant: Sage
Best Sports Bar: Tomahawk Sports Bar & Grill
Best Steakhouse: Shula’s 347
Best Sushi: Sakura
Best Thai: Bahn Thai
Best Wine List: Clusters & Hops
Best Wings: Hurricane Grill & Wings

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